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Awadh Public School


Play Group

Playgroup Years represent the first break with the routines of home, the first anxieties for parents etc. At our play school, we make sure that your child feels secure, has access to the best facilities and activities and receives a gentle introduction to learning.

A World Of Wonder

Our highly trained staff is determined to ensure that the first experience of learning is structured, productive and fun. Through a program of carefully selective activities and through friendly interaction with children, we work to develop in each confidence and curiosity because these are the key element for lateral learning.

Playground For Playgroup

"Including space structure that supports social play. These encourage language and cooperation skills as children role-play and learn to take turns and share. That's why we have created play ground for play group kids for their physical growth, and for their fun learning without any stress."
Computer Lab

In the current context of modern & effective education technology in the class room is becoming more and more predominant. Our school, too, has seen first hand benefits of technology in the classroom.

For this we have laid special emphasis on computer education & use of digital classes to impart education.


  • We are following the CBSE Norms regarding this. Our school has two sophisticated computer labs featuring 30 computer systems with proper computer student ratio.
  • It is mandatory for all classes to visit computer labs and practice their lessons to have a better understanding and to develop their skill in using computer as well.
  • The computers in the Computer lab have been upgraded with appropriate software to enable students of classes XI and XII to compile and run programs in Java with Net-Beans and C++ along with MySQL as per the syllabus. With Net Beans students are able to create front-end application and learning Database concepts with MySQL database software.
  • These senior and junior computer labs, on the other hand, also enables the students to learn QBasic, Html, Java, Adobe Flash, Logo, Paintbrush, MS-Office, etc.
  • Students receive all the theoretical knowledge and given chance for practical application to build their basic concepts regarding Programming Languages, Database Technology/SQL Commands, Operating System, Basic Web Site designing, Hardware & Networking etc as per CBSE Norms & Syllabus.
  • Students are also required to make projects to further enhance their skills.


  • We have two Digital Class Rooms to enable our students to be part of this new revolution in Teaching Methodology. We have a Digital library as we all know is a knowledge warehouse that caters to the information needs of our students. It consists of standards-based, technology-rich learning content in a digitized format.
  • It is Mapped to NCERT guidelines ( CBSE Board)
  • Chapter wise short films / concepts clips / interactive concept animations.
  • Slide Show presentation in order to give an overview of key points of Chapter.
  • Revision through mind-maps, assessment tests as per difficulty level/skills.
  • Huge questions repository to revise and assess student's learning.


  • Technology Prepares Students for the Future.
  • Improved Retention Rate.
  • Technology helps students learn at their own Pace.
  • Technology connects with students.

It empowers our students to become part of Technology based Work Force.

Yoga Class

We focus on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual development of an individual there by improving the overall qualities of Life by different yoga practices and providing students yoga programs.

YOGA is about becoming Aware, yoga is about managing the negative aspects of our characters and developing the positive qualities that improves students natures and by this upliftment they can build their future and our country also.


Our Library occupies a place of pride in our school and is an essential component of the institutes outstanding research and education mission. It is a most lively place on the campus providing a safe comfortable and friendly environment that enable learning and advancement of knowledge to promote discovery and scholarship.

The mission of the Library is to facilitate creation of new knowledge through acquisition or organization and dissemination of knowledge resources and providing for value added service.

Play Ground

Playing outside is not just about letting off steam. it is a vital part of children develop physical strength, coordination and balance it can provide opportunities for children to learn and develop:-

  • Social skills
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Thinking and problem solving
  • Sense of connection
  • Self care

To support these broad learning outcomes, play spaces should include areas for active, free, quiet social, imaginative, creative, exploratory and natural play. by inviting children to use their own initiative, explore possibilities and take chances we can provide them with opportunities to learn.

Music Room

In many cultures, music is an important part of people’s way of life, as it plays a key role in religious rituals, rite of passages ceremonies, social activities.

An individual culture or ethnicity plays a role in their music cognition, including their preferences, emotional reaction and musical memory. Familiar musical traditions beginning in musical piece depends on both culturally specific and universal structural features. Additionally individual musical memory abilities are greater for culturally familiar music than for culturally unfamiliar music , that’s why we are leading our children to this great world so that they can connect with people very easy or emotionally, because Music is a language by which we can connect with every one and can touch their heart.

Cultural Programme

Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, religion, nations of time, roles, relation, concepts of universe and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and group striving.


  • Conveyance facility is provided for the student on the request of the Parents/Guardian.
  • In case Parents/Guardian withdraws his/her ward's conveyance facility, one month notice is essential or in lieu thereof a month's fee will be charged.
  • In case the School Bus does not reach in time due to mechanical break down or due to the illness of the driver, the Parents/Guardians are requested to make their own arrangements. However, the school tries its level best to provide alternative services.
  • No self driven vehicle will be allowed to the student. They can come only by bicycle. If they are found anywhere with the vehicle strict action will be taken by the management.

LAB (Physics)

We provide all experiments covering C.B.S.E norms. Well defined and high quality machines for measurement and analysis physical experimental verification of Laws related to topics of electronics resonance, transistors, batteries, cells length measurement, simple pendulum, electromagnet, assembled working model related to experiment.

“Promoting process skill, problem salving abilities and application of physics concept.”


Well established chemistry lab with all chemical solvents and equipment related to volume analysis, salt analysis Functional group analysis, colloidal solution preparation and different aspects of chemistry learning, fulfilling all the norms of C.B.S.E Board for better development of the students.


All the required material is available in the lab for our child's full growth like:-

  • Skeleton
  • Specimen
  • Slides(Permanent)
  • Microscope (compound)+(dissecting)